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What mountain are you on?

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

As most of you know, I left my faculty position at SFU to pursue a new path. I'm spending time considering a range of possible new adventures. David Brooks calls it climbing "The Second Mountain" in his 2019 book of the same name - sometimes you get pushed off the first mountain, sometimes you choose to walk away from the first mountain and in some cases you just find yourself in a valley.

Over the last 20 years, I spent hundreds of hours in my office listening to, supporting and coaching students. I never felt like I had enough time to spend with them and our conversations were complicated by assignments & grades.

I'm excited to be offering support, mentoring & coaching to folks thinking about higher education or already enrolled in graduate or undergraduate programs. If you know people who are feeling overwhelmed or need support please share my services with them. I am also happy to offer support with applications and how to navigate grad school decisions.

I'm offering a free consultation where we can discuss the options. . I'll also be posting reflections on the current culture of overwhelm and burnout and some lessons I've learned from my sabbatical on how to find a path that works. Please follow along as I find my next mountain. Janet

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