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Reflections from the Forest 

During the pandemic, I started to spend more time walking in the rainforest. It became my practice of both movement and grounding.  The more time I spent in the forest, the more regulated my nervous system became. The forest is my place for quiet reflection, meditation, introspection and healing. When the world feels upside down and chaotic, the forest reminds me of possibility and resilience. Walking in the forest, is one way that I get clear about ideas, thoughts, relationships, actions, patterns and life.

Reflections from the forest is a space for me to think about my thinking. It is a place for my writing and a place to share it with others in the world. A creative space. Its' also a place where folks can reach me if you want to connect.


I am currently open to collaboration on project work. Let's have tea or a walk in the woods and discuss


Thanks for being here. Janet


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Mount Pleasant, Vancouver, BC

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